Streamer Junky
Fly Tying Tutorials
  1. Texas Hook - Shank and Keeled Flash Tail Deceiver
    This is a custom shank I designed to increase the tie-able shank length for large weedless baitfish patterns designed for Keel/Texas style hooks. The shank makes tying easier and give you the ability to build bulk and taper over a larger area without crowding and over-bulking the hook eye, and it simply increases your freedom when tying on this style of hook. The shank is inspired by Bill Sherer of We Tie it Fly Shop and below you can find a link to his shank bending YouTube video, which is far more informational than my demo.
  2. Firefly
    The Firefly 2.0 is designed as a reactionary "Plug/Crankbait" style fly perfectly suited for Stillwater, Swing, and Plug style presentations for a range of predator species. Can be fished on a Full Sinking line or a Full Float with a small Split Shot 12" up your leader - I recommend a 6wt and up with a Weight Forward style line to help overcome the wind resistance of the Magic Head. The fly can be tied both with and without a Dubbing Brush, and both techniques are featured within the tutorial - Hope you enjoy!
  3. Slow Jig Clouser
    The Slow Jig Clouser is simply that - a light weight, BULKhead over Lead Eyes, jigging streamer designed for Wade Fishing and Floating Line presentations. Because of the supple weight, the fly slips under quickly and can be animated erratically, while fluttering and dropping slowly on the pause. Can be fished on a 5wt and up, recommend fished with a 7ft leader of 20lb and 12lb split evenly and finished with a non-slip loop knot for extra freedom at the hook eye. AND yes, the hook is designed to ride hook point down - which is my preference - as the light weight nature of the fly is intended to keep it higher in the water column....not dredged or jigged near the bottom.