Streamer Junky
Predator Streamers - Big Game Flies / 8" - 12"
  1. Glide Fly - 8"
    Glide Fly - 8"
    The Glide Fly is a Lightly Weighted Tube Fly in both 6.5" and 8" version. The fly is a variation of my Impostor with a 3D sculpted Strung Fuzzy Fiber/Softex Head. The Tube design allows for maximum durability and endless rigging options - from Stinger Hook rigs to Wiggle Tails and all the variations there of
  2. Allspark - 8"
    Allspark - 8"
    7.5" Flash Fly... 1/4" BodyTubing paired with my 7" synthetic dubbing brush build the bulk for the layered flash wings. The collared head is built up from my 5" Natural brush to create a viscous water pushing head the really gets the tail moving on the pause. The fly is sandwiched between the bodytubing and 8.5mm fishmask for unmatched durability. Tied on Ahrex hooks 4/0 Light Predator Stinger. Recomended 8 wt. and up, paired with intermediate and full sinking lines
  3. Critter Get'er - 10"
    Critter Get'er - 10"
    The Critter Get'er 2.0 took the original Critter Get'er and placed it on the MEGA-Jerk Platform, the result is a 10" articulated Flashabou fly in the Jerk Fly style. The fly is split between Ahrex PR320's in 4/0 and 6/0, and is built up from my custom MEGA-Jerk Dubbing brush where the Big Fly Fiber winging material has been replaced with Magnum Flashabou. The fly features 1/2" Big Fish Eyes over a Stacked Strung Fuzzy Fiber head and are secured with 5 minute epoxy
  4. BodyTubing - BULKhead - 12"
    BodyTubing - BULKhead - 12"
    The Musky version of my BodyTubing BULKhead series is a simple Popovic's style Hollow Fly. The fly is tied ultra sparse to allow the bucktail to breath and ungulate from the water push of the BULKhead. At roughly 12" long, I recommend a 10 wt. rod paired with a Full Sinking line. The tail is composed of 4x 20mm Flymen Shanks to extend the body off of the 4/0 Ahrex Aberdeen Predator, with a 40mm shank in front - resulting in a single hook place in the 1/3 marker of the flies body
  5. Chunky-Dunker - 8"
    Chunky-Dunker - 8"
    8" Silhouette, a full 12" with the tail - the Chunky-Dunker is a mid sized Wiggled Tailed/Diver bug, designed to imitate juvenile Suckers and Chubs in its silhouette, but can be tied in any color variation. The pattern is tied on Ahrex 2/0 Trout Predator and 3/0 26 degree Bent Predator Hooks. The bent hook paired with a bulky, stacked wedge head design pulls the fly under getting it fishing quickly, while the large dubbing brushed collar pushes the water to articulated the tail. Easily fished on any line type, though I prefer Intermediates, on 9 wt gear and up