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Fly Fishing Videos

Hey guys, Gunnar here! Below is a small selection of Fly Fishing Videos aimed at giving you guys some tips and tricks when on the water, as well as sharing my perspective as a fisherman. As always, please give the descriptions a good look prior to viewing the  video for context

Predator Tube Fly Design

This video is intended as a Primer on Predator Tube Fly Design. It includes the topics of "Why" tube flies are worth experimenting with, "How" to design them to maximize balance, momentum, and action, and ends with the specific fishing techniques to get the most out of there design.

How NOT to Strip Set

This is a video tutorial on how to...and likewise how not to perform a Strip Set - when streamer fishing. The strip set is the surefire direct connection way of driving home a large predator hook into a bony mouthed fish eater. This video takes you through the handful of mistakes I made while in Brazil with Nomadic Waters this past fall and more importantly how to overcome them.

Favorite Entry Level Streamer Rod

Hey Guys, this videos is an overview of what has been my favorite entry level streamer rod to fish, and one of my favorite fly rods all together. The St. Croix Mojo Bass Fly rod is a purpose built Streamer Rod at a very friendly price point and is the perfect gateway rod to get anyone into chasing predators on the fly. The 7wt makes for a perfect Brown Trout and Smallmouth Bass rod, the 8wt is the ideal "do it all", and the 9wt fits the bill for big Pike and Musky! The Moderate Fast Action makes it enjoyable to cast all day while absorbing shock from bigger flies yet the rods light weight feel and shorter length makes for a very intimate experience.

Amazon River Peacock Bass - Streamer Tips

Although this video is intended as a primer for fishing Peacock Bass on the Amazon River I hope it is equally useful with regards to a host of other Predatory Fish - topics such as Strip Setting, Double Haul hand position and timing, and non-slip Loop Knots and simple leader builds should be a welcomed introduction to chasing predators on the fly anywhere! Paired with the "Beginner Predator Fly" tying series, you should hopefully have a solid, no nonsense foundation to start chasing fish that eat fish!

Fly Size -
Volume vs. Length

I am in no way advocating chucking 12" streamers for trout - but right place/right time that may just be the thing to do...just simply trying to share some thoughts about the typical size comparison between predator and prey. I personally am a huge believer in matching the average size of the highest density forage within each respective system, regardless of the predator you are targeting - thus treating most predators the same, trout included. Hopefully seeing a 14" bass tackle a 12" fly puts a smile on your face and gives you some new perspective on fishing bigger flies.

Wade Fishing - 3 Tips for Catching More Fish

In this video, I hike into a Northern Minnesota Smallmouth Stream to showcase a few new ties: the Slow Jig Clouser and Firefly 2.0, while giving you guys 3 simple tips to make your next wade fishing trip more productive, and put more fish in the net.

Dirty Water - Smacking the Banks!

This is an older video from when I worked at Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn. Here I'm fishing sections of the Upper Madison River in MT, throwing large 5"-6" Black sculpin Flies 1 ft from the bank! Good rules of thumb 1: Match fly color to water color
2: High Water - fish the bank and "soft water"
3: Loud Water - Smack the fly to get attention
4: Wounded Fish try and escape DOWNSTREAM - so cast up/retrieve down