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About Me

My name is Gunnar Brammer, I'm 26 years old. I grew up in Traverse City, MI and recently relocated to Duluth, MN. I target any fish species who wants to chase down and tackle a streamer, and have a love for the natives like Smallmouth, Pike, and Brook Trout.

I started fly fishing when I was 15, but did not really dive into the sport until I turned 21. I have done a little bit of everything from chasing carp on Lake Michigan flats, to spear fishing Hog Snaper in the Bahamas, to jigging deep water Lake Trout on Lake Superior.

Affiliates: St. Croix Rods Pro Team Member, HMH Vices Pro Team Member, Hedron Inc. Tying Team Member, Deer Creek Pro Team Member, Ambassador for the FlymenFishingCo, and a Friend of Ahrex Hooks.

I currently have an open boat policy - if you are in town and want to hit the water, give me a call and I'll try and make it happen.....but with a Wife and Newborn at home things are a bit heckteck at the moment!

Saved by Grace! - I’m not exactly sure how to articulate my testimony, but the short story is that I’m an imperfect person with a sinful heart saved solely by the grace of God. Spring of 2016 my wife and I made the decision to be baptized, and since that moment I have not stopped pursing Jesus. He died for me, and he died for everyone reading this, that we might be forgiven. I believe Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. And I believe that he loves you! I believe in loving God with everything I have, and loving all people. I put “Saved by Grace” first because I want to be held accountable to that. I want to be accountable to treating people with love and respect. I want that to be first, before my name, before my business, before my flies and pictures. I want Jesus to be first in everything I do, and that through any success I might find he would receive the glory.

Articles: Below you can find Links to articles I have writen or appear in with regards to streamer fishing and fly tying...enjoy!

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