Streamer Junky
Articulated Streamers - Trophy Trout, Bass, and Pike / 5"- 7"
  1. Articuated Geezer - 5"
    Articuated Geezer - 5"
    The Articulated Geezer is tied on Ahrex Trout Predator's in sizes 2 and 1, and uses Small lead eye to slip the fly under and allow it to fish immediately - but the weight is not so heavy that the fly jigs - allowing it to stall and hover in the strike zone when stripped. The ultra realistic belly profile is shaped out of SF blend and accented in the Gill area with Hedron's Flashabou Minnow Body. Strung Fuzzy Fiber for the head creates a large 3D sculpin and large baitfish profile - yet retains zero water weight making this fun to cast all day
  2. Trout Nugget -  Sculpin - 4.5"
    Trout Nugget - Sculpin - 4.5"
    These Jr. sized streamers are designed for skinny water predators. Perfect for smaller creeks and the trout that inhabit them. They are roughly 4.5" long. Tied on an inverted #4 Traditional Shrimp hook with a sz. 4 Ahrex Trout Predator extension. The stacked SF blend belly is a transparent flashy material that brings the fly to life and allows the flies to hold the perfect fish fooling profile. Recomended for 6wt, paired with a floating line and long leader
  3. Death Grip - 4.5"
    Death Grip - 4.5"
    The Death Grip is a 4.5 inch articulated bugger variant built up from my Composite Bugger Brush. The fly features a sz. 1 Ahrex Trout Predator in back and front.Though the fly sports large bead chain eyes, the fly performs as though neutrally buoyant - maximizing the push from the Strung Fuzzy Fiber Head. Recommended 6wt and up, for use with sink tips and full sinking lines