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Stripping Junk!

Brammers Custom Flies

Streamers designed to awaken the predator in you

Tied with care, functionally designed, and field tested for quality.

Why Design Streamers?

Why do I fish? Why do you fish? And of all the questions… why fly fishing?
Fishing is not just something to do, or some way to kill time. Its much more than simply spending time with friends, or enjoying the outdoors. It is the one thing that I have always enjoyed, it is the one thing that I have built a lifetime worth of memories around. I used to mountain bike, skate board, play basketball and frisbee, boarderlands and call of duty, and to be honest, it has all lost its charm to fishing. 
Fishing is an addiction. It is an adrenaline rush like no other. The feeling when you see a 40″ pike inhale your fly, heart skippin a beat, and hands sweating. Strip setting into something that is not just a fish, but something that is at the top of the food chain. An apex predator who had no regard for his safety, he had the most bad ass intentions, and was hell bent on destroying your fly. I fly fish because I believe, to the core, that it is a more effective presentation (though not as efficient, in 
most cases). I want to control every aspect of fishing (boat position, location selection, line selection, ect…), and most of all, fly selection. Nothing has compared to the feelings stirred by catching a predator on a fly I designed. Nothing! It is the single greatest feeling that has come over me, and it has never lost its potency. I love fishing, I love fly fishing, and I love making my own flies. And to top all that off, I would love to share my passion with you, and all the fun that comes with it.